22 Jul 2013

This article explorers many areas. It tells you why interior designing in offices is an investment, why the tiny details have huge impacts, and why with a little care, all the possible negativity can be avoided.

In recent times, there has been an increase in the importance that has been given to interior designing in offices. One must wonder why. This article discusses whether you should just select any odd interior designer for your office. Pay close attention, because it may be more important than you think. Read more!

13 Jul 2013

Are colors merely visual properties which serve to add a little flavor to our everyday monotonous and dull lives? Are they just there to portray an image or is there more to them? Studies suggest that these colors may have deeper roots in our lives than what we like to admit.

In today’s world, interior designing decisions are made based on different requirements and factors. In these places, the colors we are surrounded by are usually not the major talking points. This shows that we are actually underestimating its role in our lives. Colors, in fact, have a major contribution towards our moods. How people act in their day-to-day dealings, whether they are energetic or lethargic, relaxed or irritated, substantially depends on these different colors. Read more!

02 Jul 2013


I just came across this shade cover material on Houzz.com and was instantly struck by the amazing shadows I’m imagining it would cast on the surfaces below.  Check it out parasoleil.com