14 Aug 2013

Being an interior designer is not one of those jobs you suddenly choose to take up. It is also different than being an accountant or an economist. It is an art, it is as creative as jobs get. You need a special talent, a creativity to assemble interiors with style or devise a plan to arrange new things in a way that leaves people astonished. When you want to do things in a big way, it doesn’t get much bigger than the city of angels.

Los Angeles in not just the heart of the state of California, but also the home of Hollywood. It is where the biggest names in the industry reside, where all the glitter and shining exists. In a city where parties and events are not occasions but routine, status means everything. In such a city, houses are looked upon as status symbols. They are looked upon with scrutiny and envy and most people find it satisfying to make others feel jealous. This is where the interior designing comes in. Without appropriate interior design even multi-million dollar houses lack the magic. With such high importance comes much pressure. Pressure to get it right the first time, the pressure to not disappoint clients, who are often wealthy, famous individuals. Just being good is not enough. The competition is fierce and reputation is everything. Second chances to fix mistakes are a rare opportunity. Although there is the possibility of human error, there are certain pitfalls that must be addressed. Read more!

04 Aug 2013

Having transformed into one of the most posh areas of the country, Beverly Hills is one of the world’s most popular destinations to live. It is not cheap and affordable for everyone, but it does give value for money. While living in such a heavenly place is an absolute delight of its own, one is bound to compete with others in different aspects. People with big fortunes want the best of luxury and style. Whether it is which car the neighbor has or what he or she does for a living, in Beverly Hills, everybody wants the best.

This inspired me. See this luxury interior design on Youtube

This is also, and quite commonly, the case with houses. So, if you have the means to afford such luxury, you should consider giving attention to a few points when choosing the right interior designer. The goal is to turn your “property” into a home, a place that you will not just live in, but love to live in.

First things first, you need to pay attention to professional associations. Although it is seldom that interior designers with highly reputed associations turn out to be fiascoes, one does need to keep an eye out. The feedback and reputation are a couple points that are significant when selecting a Beverly Hills interior designer. Read more!