Life in Southern California is split between the interiors of our homes and the exterior. Blessed with sunshine and blue skies, warm days and cool breezes, our homes becoming living breathing entities of our lives. As you look up into the hills of LA each night or down from the airplane window as you land at LAX, take a moment to see the lights coming from all the homes and stop to take it all in. Los Angeles appreciates great architecture, great design, and great environments—but there is one element in design that we often forget about—electric lighting and lighting design. Lighting design is apart of our everyday movements and it is crucial to curating great design.

Lighting Lesson #1: Principles of Good Lighting Design

Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting is your overall lighting, it’s the lighting level that creates the general mood of the interior, be it bright and open or dark and moody, think ambiance. The purpose of architecture and design is to form an experience, a particular feeling or mood that guides us through a space and transforms the user.

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“my wallpaper is killing me,

one of us must go”

– Oscar Wilde 

We all have our ideas of what is out dated, out of style, and should perhaps never be brought back again… but if there is anything we have learned from the fashion world, nothing ever truly goes out of style. Almost everyone has memories of floral, pastel, and out of date wallpaper hanging in their grandparents… and dare I say, parents house. However, if you have been out shopping lately, or even just opened a magazine, then you know; what’s old has been made new again! In the glamour of Beverly Hills, Malibu or the Hollywood Hills trending fashion is a must, why should our homes be any different? It is time to bring wallpaper back into luxurious living!

A Brief History:

“Wall-paper” enters the English language in 1827, having begun in the Middle Ages with a much different purpose. Apart from technological concerns were aesthetic ones; wallpaper fashion moved from its earliest religious emphasis towards a constantly shifting taste for flowers, repeating geometric patterns, political and artistic scenes and even, at the end of the eighteenth century, to panoramic and landscape wallpapers. The 90s saw the advent of the feature wall in strong bold colors but today it is all about the glamour, luxury and style made simple by wallpaper.

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