19 May 2015

CSD_Outdoor_005Here in the Los Angeles area, we know outdoor living. Its almost second nature to request the outdoor patio table when we go out downtown, to seek out the sunny outdoor cafes in Hollywood, to carry sunglasses with us everywhere we go. We live with our doors and windows open, letting the cool ocean breeze drift through our homes—so why not give our outdoor spaces as much attention as our newly redone kitchens, baths, or entertainment spaces? When we experience winters at 80°… don’t you think its about time to build your new luxurious Outdoor Room?

Outdoor Rooms can feel like an extension of your living spaces or like a private destination space, have it anyway you want it. French doors opening up to your Outdoor Living Room can double your entertainment space, while a detached space can create a “home away from home” feeling. Walking down a lighted pathway to reach your outdoor living space causes you to feel like you are somewhere else, far away from the stresses of work, kids, and life. The benefits of building outside the walls of your home are just that… outside the walls. Outdoor living rooms can be enclosed or wide open, circular or linear, incorporate hardscape or landscape. Truly, the design opportunities are limitless. Feeling left out because everyone’s outside playing while you are stuck inside cooking, or where you sent out to grill while everyone else is inside watching the game? Thought about creating an outdoor kitchen? You should.

Some nice outdoor design ideas

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