Malibu Interior Design – Things to Consider

13 Sep 2013

Malibu, the 27 miles of scenic beauty and home to many sandy beaches and movie stars, is a dream place for many. With an aspiration of a dream life, one must also yearn for a home to match. In Malibu, one of the most desirable places to live are the beach houses. These homes give a view of the lively, sandy beaches in the day and serve as a relaxing destination for night walks, which is something that makes them an idyllic place to live.

However, the transition from nice to amazing, can be a matter of a simple few elements. In this context, to transform your Malibu beach house into your Malibu dream house, there are a few things that require attention. If certain interior design elements are incorporated elegantly into your home, the subtle enhancements can add even more style to your Malibu interior. One of the major factors which determines the desirability of any house is the style of the interior design work. With the right interior, your beach house could be “the” beach house. Incorporating these following points when deciding on your interior, you will end up with a masterpiece that you will be pleased with for years to come.

First, you might consider an elegant wooden flooring. It is not a requirement, of course, but the fact that it is a beach house, makes it important to meld with the environment and the surroundings, in order to look classy. If done correctly, wooden flooring can make the beach house look absolutely exquisite.

Another important element that determines the difference between good and great, is the placement of stairs. Now, in an ordinary house, stairs are usually inside of the house and are used to move from one story to another. However, since we are discussing living on the beach, to utilize the location to its fullest, there is a need for increased accessibility. A staircase, which leads directly to the beach, would give easy access and, if incorporated properly into the “Malibu interior design” aesthetic, it also looks absolutely gorgeous to have a staircase leading directly to the beach.

The next item to consider are the walls. While the other walls need not be changed, the beach-facing part of the house should have glass walls, or at least large windows. Most Malibu interior designers are aware of this fact and will take advantage of it when styling or redesigning your home. The proximity of the beach makes these houses worth so much more than ordinary houses, so if you are willing to break the bank for a “Malibu dream home” right on the beach, you might as well make the most of it and enjoy the view. Doing so will provide the house with a priceless view of the alluring Malibu beach and would add to the already considerable charm of your beautiful house.

Color Considerations In Your Malibu Interior Design Project

Next, we have the colors. This part is simple and not a point most would argue with. What you need are light, airy colors. White, off-white, peach, turquoise, gray, light brown and other such colors should do the job. The motive here is to give a relaxing look. A beach house should give a calm, tranquilizing feeling. You do not need harsh or very dark colors. The point here is to not have contradictory messages being given. You simply cannot have a beautiful view of the beach, making everyone in the house feel relaxed, while the walls are red and black. It would cause an awkward, clashing feel to do so. Therefore, go with the easy, calm colors, and make sure all aspects complement one another.

Lastly, it is not fun to sit in your lounge and stare at the beach. It just does not feel that good. Here, you need a patio, and not just any patio, but a wooden and very well-organized one. You can make tiny stairs and a separate portion they lead to, which can accommodate a few chairs. Watching the sunrise or the sunset, sitting on the patio, sipping a cocktail, does it really get any better? A patio can add to the magic and give you the freedom to step outside the walls, relax and savor every moment of the beauty.

Malibu beaches are beautiful and lively. They have a beauty and grace to add life and vibrance. With these tips you can not just live on the beach, but live like a king or queen.

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