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10 DIY Thanksgiving Centerpieces That Will WOW Your Guests!

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We Johnstons are a very non-traditional Thanksgiving family that rarely makes the same dish two years in a row and takes a pass on the traditional green bean and sweet potato casseroles. When the kids were young, I used to plan my menus and table decorations out well in advance, which didn’t make the big day exactly stress free, but at least I had a plan! In recent years, life has kept me busy enough that I’m usually still figuring out the menu the Sunday before Thanksgiving, and the table décor is a last-minute thought on the morning of. So, here’s some great DIY options that don’t take too much planning!


pumpkin design centerpiece



What’s making this ‘pumpkins down the middle’ option really work is the coordinated color palette between the dishes and the pumpkins. There’s definitely some paint involved here, and you can change that as you like, but look for a harmonious pairing. If you’re not serving buffet style, look for another option, because this design is not leaving any room on the table!


rustic thanksgiving tablescape

Rustic Thanksgiving Tablescape Ideas


This would be great for a long rectangular table and you could use any sort of container or trough you might have on hand. Glass votives nestled into the moss in place of tapers is a great option.

table bouquets ideas image

Beautiful Bouquets


You could go all rustic with your table décor with this centerpiece or mix it up with some fine china and crystal glassware. Floral foam is your friend for this type of arrangement. The key here is loose and casual. Look out in your yard for seed pods or greenery you can use.


rustic tablescape ideas

Thanksgiving Tablescape Ideas


This is the perfect arrangement if you over bought at the market. Throw in some eucalyptus leaves and voi la! What makes this beautiful is the monochromatic color palette, so don’t throw in the extra apples from the pie unless they’re Granny Smith.


thanksgiving centerpiece

Thanksgiving Centerpieces


I’m not exactly sure what the actual purpose of this pot thing is supposed to be, but it makes a great container for flowers! We all have some unusual objects lying around the house that can add personality to the table. Go search!


pomegranate fruit centerpiece


This is a great center piece when you have a super long table to fill. They’ve used pomegranates and stone fruits here, but use what’s available in your market. Don’t forget to check your backyard for greenery, although resist the evergreen branches for the moment. Don’t you love how they used Brussel sprouts for the name cards? Add votives or candles (or both) and you are done, done, done!


diy thanksgiving decor

Pinterest DIY Thanksgiving Decor Ideas


This is SO pretty! A few mini pumpkins and lots of orange flowers. Ok – so this may not be for the average DIYer with no floral arranging skills, but I bet if you tried, you could pull it off! If not, follow the link and buy it. Or better yet, buy it for that friend or family member whose hosting and has too much on their plate!


pumpkin vase design

Room for Improvements: DIY Thanksgiving Centerpieces


Why has it never occurred to me to use a pumpkin as a vase? I am so doing this this Thanksgiving. Use a container inside to corral your flowers and keep them fresh.


pumpkin cabage vase

Room for Improvements: DIY Thanksgiving Centerpieces


Take two on the pumpkin vase. This is even easier with ornamental winter cabbages.


thanksgiving pumpkin table

Natural Thanksgiving Tablescape


You’re probably getting the gist of what I’m finding so attractive for center pieces this year. Nature’s bounty. If you can find some unusual colored pumpkins at the market this is a lovely way to showcase them.


decor pumpkin tutorial

The 36th Avenue DIY Pumpkin Tutorials


My friend Deb makes these, and I just love them. A succulent garden in a pumpkin that will take you from pre-Halloween (think of this for next year) through Thanksgiving.


I hope your creative juices are flowing. Look around your home for unusual containers and check out the backyard for greens and branches you can incorporate into your arrangements. Just remember that unless you plan to remove your centerpiece when your guests sit, keep the arrangements low enough you can see each other across the table.


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