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10 Fun Fall Market Designs

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We are just back from Fall Market in High Point, North Carolina and had to show you some of our fun finds. I walked away with more than 500 photos of things I loved, so you can imagine that limiting myself to 10 was not an easy task! And if you asked me what my favorites are next week, I’d probably give you 10 completely different things!



We go to market twice a year not only to see what’s new, but to sit, touch, feel and eyeball the products we recommend to our clients that they might not get to see for themselves in a showroom. So, here’s the current fav’s and here’s why!


Made Goods Angela Rope Stool

Made Goods – Angela Stool


This is a great stool that’s not only functional, but adds color and texture. It’s made from real rope, so if you’re thinking nautical, this one’s a winner.


Julian Chichester Bedside Dresser

Julian Chichester – Percy Bedside End Table


This caught my eye from the minute I entered the showroom. LOVE the color – LOVE the shape! This is an easy mix with a transitional style bed in warm wood tones.


Gold Leaf Design Group Sculpture

Gold Leaf Design Group


Sooo in love with these sculptures that I have the gold one sitting in the shop, and am impatiently waiting for the black one which is on back-order for the moment. These are fun, and make me immediately channel my inner Picasso. You can play around with these and tap into your own inner artist by re-arranging the pieces. If you buy two, you can interchange the colors as well!


Arteriors Home Light Fixture

Arteriors Home – Light Fixture


Here’s the perfect fixture if your electrical box is not centered over your table, or even if it is. I love lighting you can play with and adjust to different heights. And if you’re a Barry Dixon fan like I am, it’s win-win.


Bernhardt Furniture Canopy Bed

Bernhardt Furniture – Canopy Bed


When you’re designing a space with lots of neutrals, which this bed is really asking for, think texture, texture, texture. This bed really delivers on that score. Also loving the soft grey stain on the wood.


Noir Furniture Puppy

Noir Furniture – Sitting Dog


OK, could you walk by this little fella and not take it home?? He/she was sitting just like this in the showroom and it was kind of like walking by a little puppy. You just had to stop and say hello!


Eleanor Rigby Leather Couch

Eleanor Rigby – Hudson Leather Couch


We’re always on the look-out for new vendors at market and this was a happy find! What we really loved was the stitching options for the leather (inset above) that takes this way beyond just another leather sectional. As a plus, it’s manufactured in Los Angles. I shop local whenever I can (hint, hint, if you’re close to MIX by RJI).


Julian Chichester Upholstery Emma Club Chair

Julian Chichester – Emma Club Chair


This chair was not new to market this fall, we’ve used it before, but it catches my eye every time I see it. Anytime you see a piece over and over that you continue to love, love, love, it’s a sure sign you should have it in your home. I love this chair in any jewel toned velvet like we did in our West Hollywood Condo project (link to ) Ok, I like the grey too. Just between us, color was big a market this fall so expect to see more of it.


Interlude Home Maci Bar Cart

Interlude Home – Maci Bar Cart


This bar cart is made with reactive iceberg glass so no two pieces are alike. Based on how the glass reacted (I’d have to go back for the advanced reactive glass class to tell you how/why) it’s color ranges between blues and purples. Super gorgeous and a great way to add a subtle stroke of color to your room.


Addison Weeks Cabinet Hardware

Addison Weeks Cabinet Hardware


And last but certainly not least is this fantastic cabinet hardware. This hardware is like jewelry (which may be because they also have a jewelry line), and can take any dresser, chest or cabinet to the next level. Add these to a traditional piece and see what a transformation they make. I’m loving this line so much, you can expect to find it in our shop in next little while.


An exhausting three days traipsing all over town, but I’m pretty much like the kid in the candy store.

All the best,

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