A ‘design lesson’ from Ali (while looking for health insurance?)

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I had a good laugh the other day, or I should say somewhere between a laugh and sigh of relief. I’d been on the hunt for new health insurance, and if you’ve ever had the joy of this experience you understand the frustration and anxiety it can bring on.

A little about myself for context… I may be an interior designer, a knitter and crochet-er, a Pinterest and Instagram lover — but I’m also a rock climbing/mountain biking/snowboarding/backcountry lover who…. has mastered crashing. A lot.

(one of Ali’s Office and adventure partners, Elm)

So I’m a little complicated of an individual. Like everyone else. Not easily defined by one thing.

After spending far too much time believing if I kept digging through the internet I’d fine the right health insurance plan for me. Anxiety won. I felt way out of my element, couldn’t understand the language, wasn’t sure if I was doing the right or wrong thing… frankly, I just didn’t know what to do. So I finally reached out to an insurance agent. Turns out… he knew what I needed. He had access to plans I did not, knowledge about what I needed and how to protect myself in all my crazy endeavors. In the end, my biggest fear of “if I call this guy I’m going to get sucked into some crazy expensive plan and it wont be what I need…” wasn’t true. He was just doing his job, providing me what I needed.


Anxiety gone. Covered for all my complicated personalities. Bring on the knitting injuries!

Then the laughter came. THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT WE HEAR FROM CLIENTS! They’d tried to figure out how to build their dream home themselves but became so overwhelmed and didn’t know what they were looking at, or if it was the right decision, they got stuck — and they didn’t know who to call. They feared calling an Interior Designer will just drain their bank account… until they called us. WE have access to the design world, the knowledge, and the language they don’t. We won’t drain your bank account, we work with you to make sure it’s exactly what you needed and always wanted. Our clients so often say at the end of a project that hiring a designer was the best investment in the project they made. Anxiety gone.

There’s a reason “professional services” exist. It’s so you don’t have to know everything, you just have to know YOU!

A good parable to pass along to your “I got this myself” friends and family.


“Great Health Insurance Covered” Ali J.

Senior Designer, NCIDQ

AUTHOR - Rebecca Johnston

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