Top Design Trends for 2016 – Part 1

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sample of design detox styleIt’s the new year and with a new year comes new year’s resolutions.  Maybe it’s time to finally get your home updated, or at least tackle one space in your home.  But what, you ask, are the changes to make that won’t look dated next year?  The good news is, that while interiors follow the lead of the fashion industry at what seems like an ever quickening pace, great design transcends time.   Here is what the experts have to say about what’s hot for 2016 that won’t immediately be out in 2017.  Who are those experts you ask?  Top design professionals and product designers who make their living knowing what trends are in, and what is sure to be a losing proposition.

Design Detox.  This trend moves us away from the growing emphasis on being connected at all times (to our phone, our iPad, our computer, Facebook, Instagram…) to a quiet simplicity amidst the noise.  Think of using warm and calming colors such as Sherman Williams color of the year Alabaster (SW 7008), Benjamin Moore’s color of the year Simply White (BM OC 117) or the Valspar Comfort Zone palette.  If you happen to have tons of intricate molding in your space, painting it all out a warm and quiet color creates a unified and calming space.  Pantone’s colors of the year, Rose Quartz (a pastel pink) and Serenity (blue) back this new trend of quieter, warmer colors.  Pantone chose these new hues as “a more unilateral approach to color.”  A commentary on the current societal movements toward gender equality and fluidity.  Think about incorporating these colors in great wallpapers or accent pieces.

warm metals design styleWarm Metals.  OK this is interesting.  I always say design is personal.  I tell my clients, if you love it – go with it.  It’s your house and you want to love the things that surround you.  Some of my esteemed colleagues say this is totally on trend for 2016, and great use can be made of warm metals, particularly in the kitchen and bath, when paired with raw, natural materials like marble and wood.  The other side of the house says Rosy metals are out.  That they made such a splash in 2015, they will always be identified with that year.  Here’s my advice.  If you really love the rosy metals like copper and rose gold, invest in a quality piece.  Quality stands the test of time.  Moderately priced pieces run the risk of hues that can go garish and look cheap.  Brass and gold tones are definitely hot for 2016.

What’s out?  What you don’t like or doesn’t work for your lifestyle!  If you like to be on trend, generally speaking you’ll know what’s out by what’s available everywhere at every price point.

Top Design Trends for 2016 – Part 2: We will be continuing this topic in the next couple weeks with additional trends and design ideas for 2016. Be sure to check back.

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