Don’t Forget to Look Up!

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Don’t Forget to Look Up!


When you’re in an inside space, and you do, you’re going to notice there’s a vast ceiling plane up there that most people never consider when they decorate their San Diego home design imageroom. I could probably walk into 90% of the homes in America (maybe more) and find all the ceilings in the home painted flat white. Why??? The ceiling is the fifth wall of your room, and in some rooms that wall is huge. It’s begging for your attention!


There are so many ways to make an impact on this fifth wall. Here are a few options you might consider to re-energize an existing space or re-imagine an entire room.Ceiling beams interior decoration image


I’ve always loved a good coffered ceiling like this one we installed in a home in San Diego, CA. It turned 800+ square feet of flat ceiling into a great design detail that you absolutely notice.


elizabeth gordonIf you have a Mediterranean, farmhouse or industrial style home, beams are a great option to bring instant age and character to the space. The dark, hand hewn beams we installed in this family room continue to tell the story of the Mediterranean architectural style of this home. Change that out to a light finish, rough sawn beam, and you’ve put yourself into an old factory turned loft.fireside


I love this space by Elizabeth Gordon. She’s used wallpaper and a great mirror to make the ceiling the focal point of this room. Not every client is looking for something outside the box, but wow, when clients allow their designer’s to let loose their creative juices, you get some really stunning results!


The Interior EdgeThis creative ceiling treatment by Fireside Design Build, Inc. begs you to engage your imagination. I see a river when I look up, you may see something different – maybe a wood footbridge spanning a gorge in some remote area of the globe. We did a similar treatment on a hallway ceiling of Valencia United Methodist Church Fellowship Hall to evoke the feeling of following along a path.


artistic designs for living

This bedroom by The Interior Edge is really quite narrow, but using silver leaf on the ceiling adds a level of reflectivity that makes the space feel more expansive, not to mention luxurious.


Paint is a simple way to bring attention to that fifth wall with no added expense. Pink paint doesn’t cost any more than white paint, and you’ve got to paint that ceiling anyway…

In this outdoor room designed by RJohnston Interiors, tongue and groove ceiling planks adds both an outdoor feel and a lot RJohnston-26of warmth to this space. Vaulted ceilings and gables add to the interest as the wood decking changes direction across the ceiling plane.

cynthia mason

To create an outdoor adventure theme to this boy’s bedroom, Cynthia Mason Interiors used fabric, wood, buttons and lacing along with a good dose of imagination.


I  hope I’ve inspired you to think about your ceilings the next time you’re looking for a way to update or redecorate your space. Ceiling planes, unbroken by doors and windows, are often the largest wall in your room and present a huge opportunity for great design. If you’re looking for a way to make your ceilings an integrated part of your décor, but don’t know how, give RJohnston Interiors a call at: 661-678-0034. We’d be happy to help you out!


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