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“my wallpaper is killing me,

one of us must go”

– Oscar Wilde 

We all have our ideas of what is out dated, out of style, and should perhaps never be brought back again… but if there is anything we have learned from the fashion world, nothing ever truly goes out of style. Almost everyone has memories of floral, pastel, and out of date wallpaper hanging in their grandparents… and dare I say, parents house. However, if you have been out shopping lately, or even just opened a magazine, then you know; what’s old has been made new again! In the glamour of Beverly Hills, Malibu or the Hollywood Hills trending fashion is a must, why should our homes be any different? It is time to bring wallpaper back into luxurious living!

A Brief History:

“Wall-paper” enters the English language in 1827, having begun in the Middle Ages with a much different purpose. Apart from technological concerns were aesthetic ones; wallpaper fashion moved from its earliest religious emphasis towards a constantly shifting taste for flowers, repeating geometric patterns, political and artistic scenes and even, at the end of the eighteenth century, to panoramic and landscape wallpapers. The 90s saw the advent of the feature wall in strong bold colors but today it is all about the glamour, luxury and style made simple by wallpaper.

What is so different about the wallpapers of today?

Wallpaper designs today can only be described as breathtaking, contemporary, cutting edge and fashionable. There is no easier way to inject your own unique style into your home than with the hot new wallpaper designs available today. We talk about the power of an accent wall, bold pops of color, and variations on texture and scale; all of this can be achieved with wallpaper! Leading designers all around the world have lent their talents to creating some of the hottest looks around. Recent developments in digital printing have brought a new generation of artists and designers to the medium, yielding large-scale murals and unexpected patterns, ensuring that wallpaper’s long history marches on. Today we see designs all across the board from bold geometrics, to flocked three-dimensional design, to soft elegant patterns. Both commercial and residential design can benefit enormously with the addition of wallpaper as accent pieces.

Installation: the old fears are gone forever:

Today, the installation methods are quite different. With advancements in adhesives and paper types, the days of scrapping wallpapers off the wall are gone. New wallpapers are designed to go up cleaner, smoother, and more efficiently, as well as come down in the same manner. We are no longer seeing entire spaces covered in wallpaper, instead designers are using wallpapers as accent pieces to bring together concepts, patterns, and color pallets in a whole space. Whether it is a small niche or a large wall, the impact of wallpaper is unforgettable. So no more nightmares of the half falling down wallpapers of yester-years, and hello inspired design!

Who has these new wallpapers?

Always a great question! As a designer, I am constantly finding new companies and artists with great product out there that just isn’t available to the general public. Most high-end luxury wallpapers simply are available to the trade only, and there is nothing we love more than bringing amazing new products to our clients!

So give wallpaper another chance because like all out of date fashion, it’s coming back in bigger and better ways with today’s audience in mind!

Check out some of these wallpaper inspirations, let us know what you think and share with us some of your favorite wallpaper inspirations.

AUTHOR - Rebecca Johnston

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