Have you ever known your space needed a redesign, but had trouble finding inspiration?  Do you know what you love, but not how to meld it into a unified whole?  Maybe you’re a person who loves more than one design style but can’t see how to marry that fabulous traditional crystal chandelier with sleek modern design elements.  Maybe….you just have too much on your plate and don’t have the time to even think about what to do with your space. Let us inspire you with unique interior design ideas that elevate your space to new heights.

At R Johnston Interior Design our goal is to create spaces that suit the unique character and lifestyles of each of our clients.  You deserve a design team focused on you.

What inspires you?  We’re here to find out.



What’s your idea of luxury?  Dinner on the lawn with your favorite people, flickering candle light and the sweet smell of jasmine?  Snuggling up under a soft cashmere throw with a good book while a winter storm drenches the landscape?  Maybe for you luxurious living is a quiet walk along the beach in Malibu, or coming home to a space that makes you smile every time you walk through the door.

Define your luxury…design for luxurious living…

interior design outdoor pic


We live in our homes, and by that we mean we LIVE in our homes.  It’s where we gather around the dinner table.  It’ the school project that just took over the kitchen island.  Its soccer cleats, football pads, tennis racquets and gym bags that have to live somewhere.  Living in our homes means tea parties for six little girls and movie night for six large teenage boys throwing popcorn around the rec room at midnight.  It’s trying to get dinner on the table before running off again to school, sporting events or the next meeting.  Living in in our homes means fitting twenty four relatives around the table for a holiday meal or opening the house to a benefit gala for 300.

Can you live in your home?  Does your space function for the lifestyle you lead?  R Johnston Interior Design specializes in creating space to meet the unique lifestyles of our client.